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SEESAW is built around community. And communities love events. That's why you can expect to see a growing programme of events created by, with and for our members and beyond.

Zach Zono | What Do You Think | Launch Event

SEESAW is proud to present ‘What Do You Think’, an exhibition by London based artist Zach Zono.

It is an exhibition of new works created throughout 2022 by a London-based, South African-born artist and marks his second full-scale solo presentation. The exhibition features 18 oil works created on raw cotton canvas that range from being generous to intimate in scale.

Zono unleashes his creative freedom by combining his poetic sense of rhythm and elision with self-imposed constraints. The visual interplay between colours, motifs, and gestures are held together by a balance that is neither symmetrical nor systematic. Yet the works produced for What Do You Think always retain a sense of ordered harmony.

Thu, 3 March 2022 18:00 – 21:00 GMT


Stress Workshop

Join us for an afternoon of self-inquiry where you'll gain insight into your relationship with stress and how to regulate your stress response through mindset, movement & rest. 

Physiologically, stress responses are interwoven with our emotions, immune function, thoughts, breath and movements - so it’s important to understand our unique body responses in order to self-regulate. During this workshop, we will explore a range of accessible & creative techniques to help you build resilience to stress…

Fun, inclusive exercise

Gentle yoga practices

Realistic self-care



Lead by...

Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse - Movement as Medicine

Emily Brinnand - Mindset

Eirian Collinge of Cariad Yoga - Rest & Relaxation

Sunday 16th Jan 2pm - 5.30pm


The Sealed Garden

PINK is delighted to present The Sealed Garden, a new large-scale installation by Manchester based artist Harry Stevenson Miller. Made up of 82 hand painted panels constructed into a fence and Aedicula*, a fountain (designed and fabricated by the artist) and a marble relief of the Madonna and Child by Ernest Cole (b. 1890-1979); this new installation emerges as a hortus conclusus**, an enclosed garden welcoming a celebration of architectural space within the unoccupied floors of 86 Princess Street.

The Sealed Garden is an imaginative amalgamation of many descriptions of the same place. Akin to a mise-en-scène, the enclosed garden, with a fountain in its centre is a familiar setting. Many artists, poets and sages have visited its grounds and tended its flowers. It has been a recurring poetic image for millennia, appearing in a wide range of cultures, yet always in a similar form; manifesting as a shared experience for humanity. This installation draws on varied structures and settings described by Verlaine, Rainer Maria Rilke, Shakespeare, Longus (in Daphnis and Chloe), Virgil’s Eclogues and the Bible; unfolding a new ephemeral space that will contribute to this rich poetic history. 

11th December - 10th January, Thursday - Sunday 3-7pm


Performance Two

Part of an ongoing curatorial project exploring the translation of performance to documentation to reenactment, ‘Performance Two’ is a reiteration by Rowland Hill of an original improvisation by dance artist Rachel Krische performed at the Holden Gallery in October 2021. Created solely based upon witness statements from audience members present at the original performance, the work is a translational collaboration between audience and artist. Contemplating a form of documentation which is audience led rather than image based, ‘Performance Two’ encourages a reconsideration of traditional archival methods through the retelling of ephemeral experience.

3rd December, 7pm


Monday Motivation High Energy Dance

Join Fiona Ledgard - a creative as well as a PT - for this high energy dance workout with views from the rooftop across the Manchester skyline. Featuring Zumba moves and a brilliant Latin American soundtrack, this weekly rooftop event promises to be something special.

Mondays, 5.45-6.00pm


Breathe with Rachel

Rachel Ann Crookes brings her Conscious Connected Breathwork to SEESAW on Wednesday evenings. Breathe with Rachel is an active breathing process that differs from most traditional meditation and mindfulness practices. This work is deeply experiential and may involve intense physical, energetic, and emotional release.

Book your tickets and read more below.

Every Wednesday, 5.45-6.45pm


Ten Years to Save the World

‘Ten Years to Save the World’ is one of the creative commissions supported by the British Council exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology. The project and the exhibition has an urgent message: we have ten years to make the big changes required to save our planet, it’s as simple as that.  

The work, by ten leading comic artists, five in the Philippines and five in the UK, is an incredible showcase for the diversity and power of comics. Crucially, the work has been informed and shaped by young people from both countries, who took part in online discussions to develop the brief for the artists.

A collaboration between The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Komiket in the Philippines and climate change communications specialists Creative Concern.

1 – 12 Nov, Mon - Fri 9am – 5pm


A Family Affair by Tomas Gittins

SEESAW is delighted to present A Family Affair by Poortraits, a Manchester based artist living and working in Macclesfield. 

Exhibiting in the SEESAW cafe bar, it showcases a series of works brought together by their similarity, through the togetherness of the style and the different colour combinations used. 

Specialising in spray work with a street art style, Poortraits uses an abstract style that allows him to let go of emotions directly through the medium of art, portraying his own poor traits through obscure faces. 

23 Sept - 31 Oct 2021