The SEESAW community

No matter how great a space is, what makes it really special are the people who you find there. We're bringing together people and businesses that have creativity at their heart and can complement each other with skill sets, interests, knowledge and a desire to learn and grow.

Our community is under one impressive century-old roof and across three floors and a roof garden. We're here to help you and your business prosper and to support and develop Manchester's creative talent and have fun along the way. See who you could join…

Office of Craig Oldham

Independent design practice, led by Craig Oldham, creating books, exhibitions, brands, and cultural, well, stuff.

Photo by Ivan Jones.

Dave Bowers

Head of Strategy at Likely Story - a boutique brand and web agency - Dave has 15 years of experience in digital design, UX and all things strategic.

Jaheed Hussain

Jay is a graphic designer who has played a huge role championing inclusivity on the Manchester creative scene with FUSE. Proactive, friendly and very talented, say hello to him at SEESAW.

Caroline Dowsett

Caroline Dowsett is a freelance artist and maker from Manchester inspired by movement, words, sound, feeling and bold colours in fluid shapes. We’re proud to have her as a member and you may recognise her work gracing our walls.


Ellen Ling is a copywriter and creative all rounder. She can be found tarting up words for brands big and small, with her trusty pooch, Aggie under the desk.

Mark Arrowsmith*

A conceptual graphic designer and art director. Mark has over 10 years experience working with some of the UK’s top design studios. He likes to help the big brands but prefers the little ones... don't tell anyone though.

*AKA Coffee

David Sedgwick

Studio DBD is the independent design studio of Dave Sedgwick, a graphic designer who creates brand identities, print material, websites and campaigns for nice people.

Drew Forsyth

Drew is a portrait photographer. He works for commercial and advertising clients, and is fascinated by the concepts of strength, sacrifice and focus. He is particularly recognised for his dance photography.

Patrick Harvey

Patrick is a freelance creative director who writes for design studios, ad agencies and global brands. He specialises in sports, video games and booze, both professionally and unprofessionally.

Tess Sweeney

Tess is a freelance senior designer with both local and international experience across branding, design and art direction projects for a variety of agencies, retail and fashion clients. She shares a studio with Mark, Ellen and Aggie.

Jonathan Ashworth

Motion designer with a background in the BBC and freelancing, Jonny is the Creative Director of Mighty Giant - an agency that works across animation, 3D and film.

Matt Long

Matt is a software engineer working on the developer experience team in the digital products division at BBC. He is experienced across cloud computing, distributed systems, infrastructure and full stack web app development.

Andy Hatton

Director, Andy Hatton recently moved to Manchester after spending most of his adult life in Melbourne, Australia. His work crosses between, director, cinematographer, photographer and editor. He has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands such Apple, Nike, Olympus and National Geographic and his personal projects have been exhibited and showcased in various galleries and publications.

Martin Rue

Martin learned to code when he was young and this led to a love of creating things. He loves little details and language learning. He built Yakk, an app to help people learn languages, and he can speak Esperanto.